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Emily Rumsey Photography documents families. Those families come in all types of packages — short moms, tall dads, hot hippies, conservative businessmen, various ethnicities and religious backgrounds, blended marriages, adopted kiddos, families with lots of money, and families who have very little money. The variety of looks keeps my camera fired up and my shutterbug finger creative.

One of my favorite shoots this past year was of these amazing mamas, whose affection for each other lit up the room as I captured their first official family portrait together. They are the picture of love and devotion to family.

As your family photographer, I don’t care if you are married or not married. I don’t care if you have the same last name or if every person in your family has a different last name. I just care that you love your kid(s), that you are thoughtful towards those around you, and that you are trying to find happiness in your life.

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