As a photographer, pregnant women, newborns, and families are typically my subjects, though I have loved the opportunity to photograph less traditional scenes as well. These include births, end-of-life, boudoir and pre-mastectomy shots, tattoos, homes, pets, and delicious plates of food.

I have used video to tell stories for organizations and concepts that I support: organic farms and food, homeless shelters, birth doulas, birth control clinics, midwives, physical fitness, and sustainable chocolate.

My documentary about infant male circumcision, co-produced with fellow midwife Emily Fitzgerald, is a unique cultural and clinical discussion about a routine practice that is often not given much thought prior to action. It is available for rent or purchase here.

My journey towards midwifery began as a small girl, called to this work by the collective voice of the sisterhood who came before me and work beside me. I hushed the voice for a few years while I cultivated my media career. Eventually I realized that I could do both, and I began formal training to become a nurse-midwife. Working as a doula and labor nurse along the way, I am now a midwife at a community clinic in the Twin Cities, serving women from many different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. From first period through menopause, from desired pregnancy to preventing pregnancy, and from the common cold or infection back to health I get to practice a little bit of everything. The women I meet in this work, both patients and other midwives, feed my soul.