Video Portfolio

Welcome to the Midwife Unit

A short video portrait of Minneapolis based Hennepin County Medical Center’s historic nurse-midwife service, this little movie celebrates the unique group who stands as a national model of hospital based midwifery care. Includes interviews with midwives, nurses, and families who have given birth at HCMC.

Director/Editor: Emily Rumsey
Director of Photography: Kevin McKeever
Music: Dan Rumsey, Sarah Grudem, Christine Delmonico, Ethan Sutton
Running Time: 9 minutes

Doulas: A Documentary

Doulas explores the role of birth doulas both inside and outside of the birth room. Explaining both the logistics and the intricacies of doula care, it educates expectant parents while celebrating the process of supported birth. This movie is an ideal educational tool for childbirth educators, clinics, nursing schools, medical schools, and midwifery programs who wish to inform their patients or students about the value of doula care.

Director/Producer/Editor: Emily Rumsey
Narrator: Eden Bodnar
Original Music: Cloud Cult, Jody Healy, & Barbara McAfee
Running Time: 21 minutes

Planting the Seed

Listening House is a day and evening shelter in Saint Paul, MN that serves homeless, financially strapped, and lonely adults. Watch and see for yourself the good work they are up to in this documentary short.

Director/Producer/Editor: Emily Rumsey
Director of Photography: Kevin McKeever
Camera Assistant: Carl Hansen
Original Music: : Dan Rumsey

Sisters’ Camelot

Sisters’ Camelot is a colorful celebration of the distribution of organic vegetables from a mobile food bus in the Twin Cities area. It tackles issues of food equality and community with a simple story that makes a big impact.

Director/Editor: Emily Rumsey
Music: Molly O’Meara

Willing to Listen

Willing to Listen is a portrait of Listening House Daytime Shelter, which provides critical human services to homeless folks in St. Paul. Utilizing both video and still photography, this video aims to move its viewers to action. It is an earlier edition of “Planting the Seed,” so to speak.

Director/Producer/Editor: Emily Rumsey
Still Photographer: Emily Rumsey
Original Music: Will Phalen
Running Time: 9 minutes

Peace, Love & Chocolate!

A documentary short that will make your mouth water, Peace, Love & Chocolate! is an artful portrait of Gail Ambrosius, chocolatier. It will enlighten you with chocolate history and tidbits, delight you with Gail’s cheerful disposition, and doubtlessly make you crave a chocolate treat.
Collaboration with Intentional Pictures.

Producers Emily Rumsey & Dave Haldiman
Videographer: Dave Haldiman
Editor: Emily Rumsey
Music: Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble

Mr. Positive

Mr. Positive is a poetic portrait of an extraordinary man, Carl Bentson. Co-produced with Mike Hazard (, it is a documentary labor of love that was nine years in the making. Carl is the neighbor everyone wants to have and we should all inspire to be. Audiences young & old leave the film with a smile.

Co-directors: Mike Hazard and Emily Rumsey
Producer: Dave Haldiman
Editor: Emily Rumsey
Running Time: 28 Mins

Clean Harvest

On an all-natural vegetable farm, this family lives out their values daily by taking care of the land and the creatures who live on it. They make soap from goat’s milk, natural flowers, and herbs. Clean Harvest purifies the skin, the soul, and the earth around us. Collaboration with Intentional Pictures.

Director/Producer: Emily Rumsey
Videographers: Emily Rumsey & Dave Haldiman
Co-editors: Emily Rumsey & Dave Haldiman
Original Music: Dan Rumsey
Running Time: 18 Mins

The Defenders

Birth control is perhaps the driving force of modern society as we know it, and yet it’s an untold story in so many ways. The Defenders features a tapestry of personal, political, academic, and medical interviews that illuminate this history from the beginning to present day. Presented by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Co-directors: Emily Rumsey and Dawnee Dodson
Producer: Emily Rumsey
Editor: Emily Rumsey
Running Time: 93 Mins

DVDs available through Emily directly.