The Circumcision Movie

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Circumcision is a very controversial issue in the United States, fueled by cultural traditions and emotional debate. For many parents, circumcision seems like the “norm” and they make the decision to circumcise their sons rather automatically. For parents seeking more information, existing media about this topic is often so polarized that they can find plenty of of opinions, but have trouble finding good evidence-based tools.

There are other movies about circumcision out there. This one is different: it’s produced by two nurse-midwives who work with pregnant families every day. It meets the viewer where they are at, respecting that a lot of folks simply haven’t thought much about circumcision…yet.

Blending accurate health information, historical and clinical expertise, personal experiences, statistics, and bioethics, this documentary questions routine male circumcision and promotes an informed decision. Our approach is gentle and non-judgmental, because we understand the power of cultural norms and we do not believe that positive change happens through angry or polarized voices.