Studio Background Options
  • Black
  • Clean Grey
  • White
  • Cream
  • Grey Brick
  • Natural Brick

What to Wear

The only real answer to this question is: you should wear anything that you feel comfortable in, that makes you feel like yourself!
For studio shoots, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you choose a black backdrop, bright colors will “pop” and dark colors will fade into the background, which then features the skin more prominently. This is a good thing if you are trying to highlight a growing belly or little newborn’s body, but can cause “floating heads” on partners and siblings.
  • If you choose white or cream backgrounds, white clothing will blend into the background, whereas dark colors will “pop” against the light background.
  • Dark skin will blend into a black background and stand out on a white or cream background.

Some specific ideas:

  • For pregnant belly shoots: tight fitting top or dress, button down shirt, bandeau top, nice bra & underwear, sports bra or tank top and jeans, baby quilt.
  • For newborn shoots: white or solid onesie, cloth diaper, a few fancier outfit options, and baby in the nude.
  • For family shoots: “matching” not necessary but clashing outfits should be avoided!
  • For headshots: solid colors are best and a few options are encouraged. Patterns can be fun too, but please bring at least one solid shirt or dress option.

Outfit changes for all shoots welcome.