Doulas: A Documentary

Explores the role of birth doulas both inside and outside of the birth room. Explaining both the logistics and the intricacies of doula care, it educates expectant parents while celebrating the process of supported birth. This movie is an ideal educational tool for childbirth educators, clinics, nursing schools, medical schools, and midwifery programs who wish to inform their patients or students about the value of doula care.
(21 minutes)


“The best aspect of the film is the wide variety of labors and births shown – in the water, in bed, in the operating room, without pain medication, with epidurals, by cesarean. In every case the women are guided, encouraged, and assisted continuously by their doula. The message comes through loud and clear that every woman benefits from doula care, no matter how her labor unfolds. Add this DVD to your library!”

~ Penny Simkin, PT, co-founder of DONA International